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KeePass 2 Free Download for Mac & Windows

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KeePass Download Free 1.27 – Password Manager.

What is KeePass ?


KeePass 2.25 free download for Mac WindowsKeePass 1.27 (latest stable release) is an absolutely free and open source (OSI Certified) password manager or password management software for Microsoft Windows.


Now a days, you have many devices such as computers, laptops, Mobile phones, tablets, blaa.. blaa.. And of course the main part is to protect them with different passwords.


More than that the difficult job is to remember all the unique passwords on the spot such as Windows logon, Email accounts, Website login, FTP password, Forum and Social networking sites login account information and so on the list is uncountable.


Why Use KeePass ?


KeePass helps you to keep and manage your passwords in a safe n secure. No matter how many passwords you have. KeePass keeps all your passwords in one database, or you can say a locker. It has a powerful lock only you can unlock it with one master key or key file.


The advantage is that you have to remember only a single password of Master Key to unlock all the passwords. The databases are encrypted (protected for security) using the best and most secure method algorithms named as AES and Twofish.


KeePass 1.27 free download for Windows.

You can also use KeePass for Mac OS X & Ubuntu Linux (limited edition).

Home Page :

License : Freeware.

Latest Version : 1.27 2014 (2.25 only professional) update.

File size : 1.80 MB.

Operating System : Windows 7 / XP / 8 / Vista 32 bit – 64 bit.

Name : download KeePass-1.27-Setup.exe.

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